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At Powerline, we don’t just focus on numbers, statistics, and profits. More than improving your business’s performance, we care about the privacy, safety, and security of your data.

Powerline Digital Privacy Policy 

[Last Updated: April 20, 2022]

At Powerline, we don’t just focus on numbers and gains. More than improving your business’s performance, we care about the privacy, safety, and security of your data.

  • Extensive Privacy Policy to Protect Your Privacy

Powerline Digital (“Powerline”, “PL Digital”, “PLD”, “we,” “us” or “our”) takes data privacy and security seriously. Hence, we compiled this privacy policy as a sign of good faith and genuine service to our consumers (“you”), leads (“you”), site visitors/viewers (“you”), and anyone (“you”) who is concerned with their data. 

By using our website (insert official site URL) and any other channels, platforms, web pages, or applications (collectively, the “Company”, “Agency”) that are linked, related, or connected to us, you agree to the collection and use of your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Please note that the Company is primarily hosted in the United States. Hence, should you access it from the European Union, Asia, or any other region of the world, your continued use of the Agency would mean you’re giving consent for the continuous transfer and processing of data to the United States.

  • The Services We Offer

Powerline Digital is a trusted authority in the SEO industry. We offer SEO services to all types and all sorts of online-based businesses, e-commerce stores, and personal websites. We also provide equally essential services such as domain registration, web designing, web hosting, link building, and access to cutting-edge web applications and SEO tools.

To properly execute our services and deliver high-quality outputs, we need to partner up with a wide array of subject matter experts (SMEs), virtual assistants (VAs), and freelance workers. This means we share access to relevant data and the information they need to perform their designated tasks well. 

Additionally, we may need to ask for copies of performance reports, site statistics, financial statements and any other relevant documents to ensure we get to draft applicable strategies and plot appropriate approaches.

Furthermore, we utilize third-party and/or open-source apps and tools for efficient processes. Some of these might require certain information so they can as well provide accurate and extensive outputs.

  • The Data We Obtain

To be on top of our game, we gather valuable intel and record relevant information. This includes the collection of your data. To know more about what, when, how, and why we obtain your information, read below.


  • What data do we collect?

At Powerline Digital, you can rest assured that we only collect information you personally provide us and the data you grant us access to. 

Depending on what you consent to, we may obtain your name, email address, mailing address, phone numbers, bank/card information, website details, brand/company profile, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or business details.


  • When do we collect data?

As previously mentioned, we only acquire data that you provide or grant us access to. Moreover, we record information you voluntarily give and/or expose while browsing or using the Agency. 

We collect data when you inquire about our services, ask for more details, contact our customer service and/or open a support ticket, place an order, subscribe to our newsletter, log in to any service or app we provide or enter information anywhere within our site.


  • How do we collect data?

The aforementioned data may be collected through the use of cookies, pixels, web beacons, or similar technologies. Also, when you’re browsing the Internet or using your mobile device, we may target or redirect ads to you through the use of cookies, device identifiers, or similar technologies. 

We place cookies not only within our web pages but also on the emails we send you or the content we make available for you. Moreover, we use third-party analytic tools on our website that may also employ cookies to collect certain information.


  • Why do we collect data?

We use your Personal Information and/or Company Details for business purposes, including the administration of your account, processing of transactions, delivery of updates, and timely response to your inquiries. We also use your information for better and more real-time communications.

Our main purpose of data collection is to provide you with great services and satisfactory outputs. We use those data to provide more specific services and more targeted marketing campaigns. We may as well use those for training purposes or service innovations.

  • The Security Measures We Put in Place

At Powerline Digital, we use military-grade security, multiple-factor authentication, tech-advanced firewalls, and cutting-edge technologies to keep all our databases, servers, and pages safe and secure.

To ensure the privacy of your data, we utilize gateway providers when processing transactions so your information won’t be processed and stored within our web-based servers. This will mitigate the risks of exposing your data to online predators.

Moreover, our databases can only be accessed by limited authorized personnel. Aside from the security features in place, we encrypt all confidential and sensitive information  via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

We, at Powerline Digital, take privacy and security very seriously. We not only implement a myriad of security measures but we also adhere to state/local laws that are designed to protect the privacy of online users and consumers.


  • California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA)

This detailed privacy policy is also made to adhere to this law’s mandate. We see to it that it’s strategically placed within our website for easier access and that you will be notified of any changes. In accordance with this law, we also agree that you can visit our site anonymously and you can opt out of any subscriptions anytime. 


  • Children Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

We do not specifically market to or conduct transactions with children who are below 13 years old. Also, we do not obtain any of their information. In the event that we are asked by a child aged below 13 for our services, we will only transact with the parents who, as per this law, are in control.


  • Fair Information Practices

In adherence with this law, we will be notifying you via email within 7 business days from the time a data breach might occur. We will provide all information we can about the event, and lay out what you should expect and what we might be planning to do next.


  • CAN-SPAM Act

We reassure you of the professional handling of email communications. We would only be sending email messages that are deemed necessary and in no chance would we bombard you with spam emails. We would also avoid sending confusing and misleading messages.

We conduct regular site audits and run regular security threat scans. We always look for possible vulnerabilities and loopholes and then implement immediate necessary actions to address the issues. We take a wide array of security measures to ensure the safety of your access and your data. 

However, like any other software or platform in the virtual world, note that the Agency does not guarantee 100% safety from hacks, breaches, or any other illegal intrusion. We do everything on our end to ensure your privacy and security, but in any event of loss or corruption of any such data, the Company will not be held liable. You agree that you waive any right against us in such instances.

By using our site and availing services from the Agency, you understand that any transmission or transaction is, therefore, at your own risk.

  • The Processes and Rules We Have for Third Parties

SEO requires you to connect and work with a wide array of third parties. We’ve laid out below how we utilize and deal with such parties.


  • Third-Party Links

On certain occasions, we may offer or recommend third-party products or services within our website or content pages. There will be instances when you might be redirected to third-party pages or standalone sites outside the Agency. Moreover, we utilize third-party applications and tools to execute our processes more efficiently and effectively. 

Please note that such third parties might have separate or different privacy policies. They might as well personally collect certain information in accordance with such policies. In the event that you continue accessing or using such sites when redirected, we will not be held liable for their activities and processes. 

Nevertheless, we welcome any feedback pertaining to the third-party sites or providers we refer to you. This also means we can reach out to them and, if necessary, help you settle any issues with them.


  • Third-Party Disclosure

Powerline Digital does not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer PII to third parties or outside parties. We also do not allow third-party behavioral tracking. Note, however, that non-personally identifiable information may be provided to other parties for marketing, training, and other business-related purposes.  

Below are the instances that we may disclose your data to third parties.

  • Product/Service Providers: We provide data to owners of products or providers of services that we utilize to efficiently perform tasks on your behalf.
  • Business Partners: We share data with individuals and agencies we partner with to ensure we deliver satisfactory outputs.
  • Parents, Affiliates, and Subsidiaries: We share data to our parent and/or subsidiary companies, as well as with affiliate businesses.
  • Company Employees: We share data to our employees who we assign to accomplish the tasks you delegate to us.
  • Corporate Transfers: We share data to our buyer in case an acquisition of assets or the company itself takes place. 
  • As Required by Law or Any Government Agency: We share data when asked by the authorities with complete documentation and warrants.


  • Third-Party Accounts

For optimum use and convenience of our site and services, you may be asked to link third-party online accounts such as social media profiles and email accounts (each such account, a “Third-Party Account”). You might directly log into your account from within our site or grant us access to your Third-Party Account. 

By doing so, you agree to the disclosure of your Third-Party Account login credentials and any available information. You represent and warrant that we can collect data without obligating us to pay any fees or subjecting us to limitations imposed by the provider of your Third-Party Account.


  • Third-Party Search Engines

We mainly use Google when executing our services. Like any other SEO agency, we use Google AdSense Advertising, Google My Business, Google Analytics, and various other tools from the Google Suite. Hence, Google’s policies may apply. 

  • The Options You Have

The cookies and similar technologies we use to obtain data can be refused. You can configure this from your internet browser settings. You have the option to not allow certain permissions or refuse cookies completely. By doing so, we won’t be able to gather your information. Note, however, that this might interfere with the overall functionality of the Agency and might negatively affect your overall experience.

When prompted to link or connect your Third-Party Account, you might also decline to do so. However, this might forbid you access to certain features or services. 

Additionally, you have the option to enable Do Not Track signals. We honor and respect the DNT browser mechanism and when such settings are activated, we stop tracking activities, plotting cookies, or launching advertisements.

Lastly, while we would really hate to see you go, you can always opt out or unsubscribe to our newsletters, marketing campaigns, or services. We usually place an “opt out” or “unsubscribe” (or similar) link at the footer of our emails. Please note, however, that even after deleting your account or cutting your subscriptions, we may still keep all gathered data to comply with laws, prevent fraud, and any other actions deemed necessary.

  • The Changes and Updates to this Policy

All inclusions of this Privacy Policy are effective as of April 20, 2022. Everything will remain in effect until any changes in its provisions will be made in the future, in which case shall be in effect right after being posted on this page.

Powerline Digital reserves the right to update or change our Privacy Policy so be sure to periodically check out this section. Any continued use after any posted modification would indicate your acknowledgement and agreement. 

Through your email address we have on file, we will be sending you a notification of any changes or modifications we have made. We will also add a noticeable alert within our website.

Feel free to contact us should you have any inquiries or concerns about our Privacy Policy.


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